Tuesday, February 26, 2008

first time

well i think i am going to give this blog thing a shot. mainly because i feel like i am so bad at keeping in touch with people. hopefully this will be a way to catch up on others and let them do the same with me. 

so a few new things....

1. ella is getting her first tooth! It's so exciting and a little frustrating. it's going to be so cute, but she is more fussy because of it. (for those of you who care it's her bottom middle right tooth) ;)

2. there are so many places and things i want to do in my life. the problem is i feel like i will never have enough time. which makes makes me wonder what i am doing in nashville, in because it definitely is not on top on my list. 

3. I bought three cds off of itunes yesterday that i love! Ingrid Michaelson, A Fine Frenzy, and Yael Naim. you should check them out, they are real good!  

i also would like to say how much i enjoyed visiting knoxville last week. it was so much fun seeing our friends again! plus knoxville is just a fun town to be in. so, everyone i hung out with.... i greatly enjoyed it and hope we can do it again soon!