Tuesday, March 25, 2008

that a boy james

i'm sure you all will be pleased to know that kenny and i have started watching lost. we bought the first season a little while ago and decided to give it a chance. we are more than half way done with the season and i'm pretty sure i love it. i'm excited about catching up to the current season. 

the new cat james is doing great. lily and him are finally getting along real well. they wake me up most mornings wrestling, which i fine cute. this morning however, was a different story. my mom called me, which woke me up (wasn't too happy about that), while i was talking to her i walked into the kitchen to get a drink. i noticed that james was real into his toy. around the house we have quite a few cat toys, mostly fake mice. so like i said, i noticed that james was real into his mouse, which looked more real than usual, but i thought it was just because it was all wet. he was liking it like crazy. i didn't think too much of it though. well about five minutes later i walk back into the kitchen and he is ripping the toy into pieces. my first thought was ella is about to start crawling and i don't need little pieces of cat toy everywhere so i yell at him to stop and move him away from the toy. the toy.... more like a real freaking mouse! i could have crapped my pants right there! so instead of being calm i of course start scream, which freaks my mom out. i pretty much just hung up on her so i could figure things out. ok it was not just a dead mouse, it was a dead bleeding everywhere mouse! so all i could bring myself to do is put a broom over it and try to keep james away. (for some reason lily was scared of it). so of course i call kenny and tell him that he has to come home now. actually i called him freaking out and screaming a bit, which now i think was a bad idea because i'm pretty sure he thought ella had died. (but come on i had a dead, bleeding mouse in my kitchen!) ok so he came home and picked up the mouse. we then see that there is blood all over the kitchen floor. i mean everywhere. either the mouse was running around while it was bleeding or james played with it while it was bleeding before he tried to eat it. oh and i forgot to mention that they mouse did not have skin. that's right james had eaten all of his skin. i could see his freaking organs. i'm starting to freak out just thinking about it. SERIOUSLY GROSS! but as gross as it was, i'm glad james killed it. lily has been scared of something under the frig for about a month. i'm sure it was that stupid mouse. so i think i'm going to let james keep his claws. they have definitely come in handy! 

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

so here it is my second post. i guess i have to write in these things more often than i thought. i just figured i would wait a while and then i might actually have something to write about. 

tonight i had class at the brown county high school. i am currently taking two classes. i am slowly working towards my nursing degree. i actually enjoy  my classes though. before i had ella class was pretty much a dreaded thing. i mean sometimes it was interesting, but i much rather be sleeping or hanging out with friends. now, however, i actually find myself getting excited about going to class. it's like my retreat from being a mom and wife. don't get me wrong i love staying home and taking care of ella.... and kenny, but it's just nice to sit and have intelligent conversation. talking with ella is kinda one sided... at least for now. 

yesterday kenny and i went and got another cat. the main reason for the cat was not that we wanted another pet, but because lily is driving us crazy! she is so attention hungry since we brought ella home. she follows me around all day long and the second i sit down has to be on my lap. so, i decided she needed a playmate. so the new cat's name is james. we named him james because of harry potter's parents "james and lily. lame i know, but we love it all the same. james is really shy and hasn't warmed up to kenny and i yet, but he's getting there. actually he likes me a lot more then kenny right now, but that's just because i am home all day with him. we haven't introduced the cats to each other yet though. as we all know lily can be a bit of a bitch so i think i'm going to wait a while before that happens. 

i guess i should update everyone on ella. on monday she was officially 6 months old! i can't believe half a year is already gone! her tooth is almost all the way in now... too cute! which is good because she is way less fussy now. she still loves to roll over, but just the other day she figured out that if she keeps rolling in a continuous motion she can actually move around the room. today i walked to the bed room and back and she had rolled from one side of the living room to the other in a matter of seconds. it was pretty cute though... she was under the coffee table talking to the cat.  

ok so there it is. hope you enjoy and i miss you all!