Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ella's first birthday

Last Sat. we had a big ol' birthday bash for Ella at the house. It went pretty well. We had quite a few people over... maybe too many for a one year old to handle, but it was all in good fun. She was a wonderful baby, ate some cake, and got some pretty awesome presents. Even though I am sad at times that she is already one, I am always so excited to see all the new things she will do. For example we started learning baby signs together and so far she has mastered the sign for "more" and "light." So cool. I love that she is communicating with me before she can even talk! I can't wait to experience all the new things that will happen this next year. 

Saturday, September 6, 2008

in a blink of an eye watch me grow

Last night I was cleaning out an old box of stuff when I came across a present I had received at a baby shower before Ella was born. It was a picture frame keepsake kit. You make an imprint of your baby's foot and hand and then put a picture between them. So cute.... the thing is I forgot all about it and my baby is almost one already! I was sitting there upset with myself for being too busy this last year to ever get around to doing it when I realized I was really sad. I mean really sad. I pretty much was on the verge of tears. I kept setting there wondering why I was so upset and then it hit me. My baby is growing up. She will be one on the 10th and I can't even believe it. Most of the time I am very happy when I think about her growing up and all the new things she will experience, but last night I hated it. I no longer can lay her down in my arms and rock her to sleep.... she won't let me. I no longer can fall asleep with her on the couch... once again she won't let me. She no longer is trying to crawl towards me, but trying to walk away from me. You might think I am being dramatic or over-exaggerating, and maybe I am, but I can't help it! I gave birth to her and now she is well on her way out of the house. Ok, I know that is a while away, however, is it not my job to get her ready to be on her own? Sigh. I just hope she will always know how much I love her. So, I want to tell everyone that if you just had a baby or when you have a baby cherish EVERY moment while they are little! I know that everyone says that, but honestly it is so true. I do not know where this last year went. I wish I would have taken more pictures and spent more time just enjoying her. So, I have decided that until she no longer lets me I am going to go down stairs after she falls asleep and pick her up and rock her. This is the only time these days that she is still and lets me hold her. I will try to cherish this time until it also ends. I will leave you all with some wonderful pics....