Tuesday, January 13, 2009


hello everyone! i thought i would update on the whole tb issues, i will warn you though, i still don't have all the answers. while i was in ny i had ella get tested. her test was negative and she does not have tb. PRAISE THE LORD! Kenny still has to be tested and I still don't know the complete results of my tests. They sent my chest xray to the school for them to see whether i can still do nursing school or not. i went yesterday to find out and they said that everything was fine and i could start school. so that was a relief. however, i still don't know whether my xray just shows i have inactive tb or that it was a mistake and i never had it at all. hopefully i will find out soon. the drs office is being a little slow. if it's inactive i go on treatment, so i'm still hoping it was a mistake. we shall see.

in other news, ella is the sweetest thing ever. i missed her so much being away for four days, but it makes my time with her now so much better. she is getting so big and her hair is getting so long! i can't wait for everyone to see her again!

i did also start nursing school yesterday. it was ok. the first days are never fun bc of all the boring first day stuff. i'm sure it will get better. the thing that sucks is being away from ella. mondays are the worst tho and that's over! i am only gone 530 to 920 on tues and thurs nights so that worked out well. of course i will miss the bedtime routine and getting to say goodnight, but at least i get to spend most of the day with her. i'm going to just keep trying to look at the bright side! i hope everyone is doing well. miss you!  


Betsy said...

thanks for the update, I've been wondering. I'll just be praying that the whole thing was a mistake! I suppose it's better to be inconvenienced by all the testing then to actually have tb! I can understand how much you will miss ella while you are in class, I have had moments at work that I just want to cry! But there is much more time with Jude on the horizon for me!

I want to hear about your trip to NY!

you guys are coming to homecoming, yes??

Courtney said...

praise the Lord! i'm also praying that it will have all just been a wild goose chase and a huge mistake. how awesome would that be!?

your little girl is so lovely..i'm sure it was hard being away from her. miss you guys! :)